The KLAO CC LAB Center opened on 2023.02.14 at the ASEAN Mall in Laos.
It is a Center for K-fashion and K-beauty education in Laos, as part of the KOICA Inclusive Business Program (IBS).
The designstudioA and UBrain are participating as Korean companies.

1st Floor

  • 뷰티교육장 이미지
  • 뷰티장비 이미지
  • Make-Up Classroom
  • It is a space where K-Beauty education of Korea's natural make-up style pursued locally is being conducted.
  • 1st training of K- beauty class has conducted from
  • Currently, it is used as a practice room for graduated trainees before
    the start of the 2nd class
  • Practical Equipment : K-beauty Equipment
  • 협찬의상 이미지
  • 브랜드 이미지
  • Show Room
  • It is a space for works produced by Korean and Lao fashion designers will be displayed, and costumes sponsored by Korean designers are currently on display.

2nd Floor

  • 봉제교육장 이미지
  • 봉제수업광경 이미지
  • Sewing Classroom
  • It is a space where vocational training in the K fashion curriculum is conducted for locals.
  • The first sewing training is in progress, started from 06.02.2023 to 28.03.2023
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art sewing equipment(Photos)
  • 17 Basic sewing machines, 2 Overlock sewing machine,
  • 자동단추다는기계 이미지
  • 특수장비교육식 이미지
  • Special Sewing Equipments Room
  • It is equipped with an automatic button attaching machine and a machine that makes automatic button holes for more convenient work.
  • Model: EX8505-DN, UAS-H1790-D, BUTTON MASTER BM-7375, UAS-H900M-D, FM6640P-D, UAS-H9820

3rd Floor

  • 회의실 이미지
  • 회의실 이미지
  • Klao Office & Conference Room
  • Local offices carry out various administrative tasks and management centers in Korea and Laos, and provide various forms of support for smooth education
  • 자동재단디지털장비 이미지
  • 패턴입력기 이미지
  • Digital Equipment Room
  • There are equipment that digitizes patterns by entering them into a computer using an input mouse, and machines that automatically cut cloth in the same way as the data entered.