KLAO, a K-Sewing & Beauty Creative Lab opens in Vientiane, Laos

Officials who participated in the opening ceremony of the Laos Fashion and Beauty Education Support Center "KLAO CC LAB" are taking commemorative photos. [Photo/DesignstudioA]

KLAO, a Laotian corporation established by the two companies, DesignstudioA and Ubrain Communications, along with KOICA, held an opening ceremony for the fashion and beauty education support center ‘KLAO CC LAB’ in Laos on the 14th.

The center is located in the Asean Mall in Vientiane, Laos, and spaces such as sewing and beauty training rooms, digital sewing equipment rooms, and local offices were arranged. It will be used to educate local fashion designers, sewing artists, and stylers in Laos and promote their own designer brands.

The opening ceremony consisted a main event and an after-ceremony event, with more than 30 people present. The attendees include the Country Director of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Lao PDR Office, Myungjin Kim, the Deputy Country Director of KOICA Lao PDR Office, Seongmin Lee, the President of Vientiane Capital Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sangkhom Chansouk, a former assemblyman, Vilaysouk Phimmasone, the CEO of iJobs Co., Ltd, Bounthieng Lattanavong, the President of the Korean Association in Lao PDR, Dong Hyuk Yang, Laotian and Korean designers, and other project officials.

The event was held in the order of introducing distinguished guests, project status report, welcoming speech, congratulatory message, ribbon cutting ceremony, signboard hanging ceremony, commemorative photo session, and tour around the facility.

Later, at the after-ceremony event, a meeting for developing products was held with designer Kim Moo-gyeom of the convexo concave and four rising Lao designers recommended by the Lao Fashion Week.

Through this meeting with designers from Korea and Laos, they stated that they will cooperate with each other for the development of the fashion industry and continue to bring exchanges.

They also explained that they intend to develop unique products that can make the best of each designers’ fashion style and characteristics of each country, and that they will be able to introduce them to the public later this year.

The establishment of the ‘KLAO CC LAB’ center is part of the ‘Laos K-Fashion Job Training and Korea-Laos New Fashion Brand Development’ project by DesignstudioA and Ubrain Communications to provide opportunities for Korea’s sewing and beauty skill education and employment in Laos.

Through the KOICA Inclusive Business Solution Program (IBS), the project aims to provide sustainable jobs to Laotians by ▲ developing a fashion support center, ▲ supporting both free and paid education for sewing & beauty, ▲ developing Korea-Laos joint brand and products, ▲ establishing an online platform, and ▲ supporting online and offline sales, based in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

“We will provide various support to contribute to creating jobs and increasing income through empowering Laotian sewing and beauty trainees by handing down advanced technology of Korea’s K-fashion and beauty industry and training utilizing latest equipment and products,” said a project official. “We also plan to help product development and networking expansion through Korean and Laotian designer collaboration between Korean and Laotian designers.”